Calvin Smith, CCP, CCFA

International consultant

(Also works in London, Paris, Brussels)



Extensive Background in 15 Industries

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Concordance Support

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Author: Calvin Smith - Certified Renown Expert, Former Concordance Team Lead

  1. 1. Moving documents (and related coding / tagging) from Concordance and into Relativity or other review tools -OR- from other review platforms and into Concordance? - Contact me to automate that process and avoid human error.

2. Need to review cell phone forensics (SMS and emails) from Cellebrite in Concordance? -

3. Essential CPL Scripts (automation) For All Litigation Support Teams -

4. Forgot to tag documents that you redacted or placed notes on? No problem! See this link:

5. Database Migrations -

6. Database Conversions -

7. Essential Solutions For Document Families -

8. Training Needs - I can train your team on everything related to Concordance, including how to extend Concordance beyond what it is designed to do. Contact me to discuss your training needs.

9. Largest Peer-to-Peer Concordance Support Group -

10. Performance Issues - Contact me to investigate your setup and environmental issues.

Did you know that I programmatically massaged and inserted 10 million records of text and UNICODE across 219 fields into one Concordance database back in December 2009? Click here!

I can help you tackle your #BigData hurdles too!